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Hello. before I transfered my website https://akhbarejadid.com/ to Cloudflare, there was a problem with email spamming and spamhaus.org set my website server [] as spam. So I checked webmail and there were almost 6000 emails in email server [[email protected]] and I deleted this email from webmail account.
I am wondering after transfering my website to Cloudflare is that possible to solve this issue?
this is spamhaus.org message:

Thank you for contacting Spamhaus CSS removals;

Some elements of’s existing configuration and sending patterns create message characteristics identical to previously identified spam messages.

This would be an excellent time to review existing configuration, authentication and data collection/retention policies.


Cloudflare has no involvement with the sending of email for your domain and its use will have no effect on your origin server being listed on the Spamhaus CSS. Sending email from a shared webserver is always going to prove challenging as you cannot control the behavior of other users on that system. It is best to use dedicated email hosts from qualified providers to minimize delivery problems.

Difficult: www β†’ email recipient

Better: www β†’ email provider β†’ email recipient

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I still have issue about email spam and I set dkim and dmarc and spf in Cloudflare dns settings
but as spamhaus says I have still problem

You will likely continue to have email delivery trouble as long as you are sending from IP space that is listed on the Spamhaus DNSbl. No amount of DNS records can fix that. If your email delivery is important, you will need to use a reliable email service provider. That is not a service currently offered by Cloudflare which makes it out of scope for the Community to assist you with.

I don’t care to delivery emails. the problem began from linkedin detect my url website as malware
and I found out there are some reports from spamhaus that related to emails

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