CSS and JS not minifed

For some reason, CSS and JS are not being minified for one of my websites.

I have 3 WordPress websites in my account and one of them has APO ( Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress) turned on. Those that don’t have APO have CSS and JS minified, the one with APO - does not. Not sure if this is related, but that’s the current situation.

Not APO related, my site gets minified just fine, the only time I am aware it does not work is if the files are already minified but you would still the the .min in the file in your logs.

No, they’re not minified and don’t have “min” in their name. I wonder what could the problem be.

Hmm, it’s working now. Interesting, I didn’t change anything.

Possibly needed a few hits to minify and catch, I wouldn’t worry too much :slight_smile:

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