CSS and Js files not cached

The CSS and JS files are not cached on https://www.mdt-tex.com/. My site is configured “Cache everything” which works fine for images and html, but css and js files always show cf-cache-status DYNAMIC. Also Cache-Control headers with a max-age and public are set. So I have no idea what might be the reason. Any help would be great.

The specific files I am talking about are:


Hi there! Sorry to hear that some of your resources aren’t being cached as expected.

I happen to notice that a handful of files are DYNAMIC, when they should be cacheable, and all their paths start with /typo3:

Please make sure you don’t have any other Page Rules or Cache Rules that are bypassing cache for these paths.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. We’re always happy to help!

Thanks a lot. You were right. There was indeed a caching rule for /typo3 which was missing the slash /typo3/ at the end. Thanks a lot for helping!

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