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Noob here, Trying to figure out why my CSS edits are not taking effect even after purging all the cache from Cloudflare and Safari, it is a bit frustrating to do hours of work and see no result at the end of it.
Please does anyone have any idea how I can get the CSS edits I make take effect on my site?
I use Stylizer7 CSS editor and save via FTP to my server, I then Purge Cloudflare and then Deleted Cache from Safari, When I was editing the site Yesterday, Purge + Delete Cache worked fine and my edits showed up, but today none of the edits are taking effect and I am at a total loss as to why.

Any help with this would be amazing.
Thank you


There’s a chance your server is caching the file. There’s also a chance you’re not uploading the CSS file to the proper directory.

Can you post the url of a specific css file that’s not updating?


Thank you I checked, My server is not caching the file and I have uploaded to FTP too many times to put it in the wrong Folder, Stylizer7 also helps with this by guiding you to the correct file to save the CSS in the FTP.
I have been building with Wordpress for 5 years now but I am a noob to Cloudflare.
Stylizer7 is the best CSS editor on the market and it makes styling websites very easy, It also teaches you to code well.
I gave up around 5 in the morning, when I woke up again and refreshed the page the edits had taken effect but it took a good many hours for them to take effect not just 1 min as it normally takes.
All working now but I have no idea why it took so long.
Thank you very much

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