Csrp.gq is not a registered domain (Code: 1049)

Hello I have a domain Called csrp.gq
it says its not a registered domain But it definetly is…
http://csrp.gq/ works just fine but not here?

From whois:


The domain you requested is not known in Freenoms database. This TLD has no whois server.

When you look it up with http://www.dominio.gq/en/whois.html, it appears, however this domain extension, as whois says, doesn’t have a whois server and is not in the freenoms database. I would imaging it is similar with CF but someone else may be able to shed some more light on the situation. The database doesn’t seem to contain any info about .gq domains, even domino.gq which appears to be the registry.

And it redirects to an ip address… which would affect it once it was on CF anyway!

gq is not a TLD that is supported for Registrar. Hi @pzsebastian, you’re trying to add csrp.gq to Cloudflare, correct? (as opposed to moving the domain over to the Cloudflare Registrar)

Edit: As part of the process of adding a domain, we look for a valid whois record. I’ve not seen a zone without that. Maybe start with a screen shot of the error?

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