"CSRF Token Not Valid" error message



Hi all. I’ve searched the forum but been unable to find a definitive solution to my problem. Hopefully, somebody can give me a steer :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the Cloudfare plugin on a Wordpress install. Despite having deactivated all other plugins, I continually get the “CSRF Token Not Valid” error message when I try to turn on Automatic Cache Management and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. I have an active flexible SSL set up in Cloudflare for the site in question.

Any ideas? Thanks folks.

"CSRF Token Not Valid” error message
CSRF Token Not Valid

Is your browser configured to accept cookies?

Try again

  • deactivate you ad blocker (if installed)
  • in incognito mode


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

No ad blocker
Tried incognito

Still no joy.

The plugin worked fine for me on another WP site immediately prior to this, I should add.

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