CSGO servers don't connect with WARP+

I am unable to connect with csgo servers by using WARP+ . I can still connect to csgo servers by using only. Please Help :((

[type or paste code here](https://cloudflare-dns.com/help/?_gl=1*1d7wgbi*_ga*MTI3Mjc4NDY4NS4xNjcwNjk4MDk4*_gid*MTc5MzEwNjU1OC4xNjcwNjk4MDk5#eyJpc0NmIjoiWWVzIiwiaXNEb3QiOiJObyIsImlzRG9oIjoiTm8iLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTEuMS4xLjEiOiJZZXMiLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTEuMC4wLjEiOiJZZXMiLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTI2MDY6NDcwMDo0NzAwOjoxMTExIjoiWWVzIiwicmVzb2x2ZXJJcC0yNjA2OjQ3MDA6NDcwMDo6MTAwMSI6IlllcyIsImRhdGFjZW50ZXJMb2NhdGlvbiI6IlNJTiIsImlzV2FycCI6IlllcyIsImlzcE5hbWUiOiJDbG91ZGZsYXJlIiwiaXNwQXNuIjoiMTMzMzUifQ==)

I am going to guess it’s CS:GO blocking access to VPN IPs, so WARP is blocked… I am pretty certain Cloudflare can’t do anything about this.

It’s probably something to do with anti-cheat.

I contacted Steam Support regarding Cloudflare WARP+ not functioning on official servers (community servers function flawlessly). The support advised me to keep contacting Cloudflare for assistance. Regarding Cloudflare WARP+ not functioning with CSGO, I hope Cloudflare teams can get in touch with Steam. I recently read updated blogs published by Cloudflare about IP blocking and its effects. Do the blogs related to this issue? A year ago, WARP+ was quite effective at reducing ping and eliminating packet loss for some users when playing CSGO. Now, I’m playing at high ping with a bit of packet loss and can’t enjoy what WARP+ offer :frowning:

There’s nothing Cloudflare can do if Valve has decided to block it. Steam support are clueless, they don’t know about anything that exists beyond their flowcharts

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