Csgo community server

Hello everyone…

Mybe someone can help me solving my issue. sorry for my bad english

I live in Indonesia and using Indihome as my ISP.
I play csgo community server the nearest server its on singapore which is very close to indonesia, i should get 40 to 60 ms on that server. but using the one and only ISP (Indihome) availabel on my place i get 170 to 181 ms on that server. so i use Cloudflare from late 2021 it was fine, i get 30 - 40 ping consistenly. then the block wave coming (august 2022)!!! some of you might know that my goverment (kominfo) block steam, paypal, and others. they unblock it after 1 month and at that time using Cloudflare its no longer giving me the good ping until now. i tried so many different vpn ghstcyber, ipvanish, wndscribe, vpn4gams, exitlag. it work but playing with those software it feels lacking and unconvenient.
Screenshot (2961)

if theres some setting that needs to be done i hope someone could tell me

thanks before :hugs: