CSAM Scanning Tool for the general Web

Does Cloudflare have a CSAM-like Scanning Tool to monitor all traffic through email and web for images that indicate CSAM criminal activity?

At present I understand it only really works for large volume websites like social media and e-commerce sites. Would be great to add that sort of functionality to the millions of small businesses that want to combat this and protect children also.

Personally, I would be happy to suggest and sign up the businesses I work with. Want to do our piece to purge criminal usage of the internet with Cloudflares help. How do I / we suggest a product request?

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Cloudflare have a CSAM scanning and reporting capability for content passing through the Cloudflare CDN (i.e. your own websites that are configured to be proxied through Cloudflare).

You will need CyberTipline API credentials from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and I do not know if they have large volume requirements.

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Thanks. When I connected with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, they couldn’t help as they really only can support large wesbites that (typically) have significant interaction with the general public (e.g. social media sites).

I was wondering if Cloudflare could/would expand or iterate on that capability to offer internal reporting for smaller businesses - so if someone in the business is using the business network or infrastructure we could identify it, act on it and report it.


Thankfully I have not come accross any content like that to date, but my (alum) high school had a scandal with pedophiles. As a father of four and an Irish and US citizen who wants to see all of this activity stamped out, would be happy to see technology solutions that combat this at every level.

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