CS:GO server redirect to IP?

I bought the domain “oldbutgold.ro” and trying to get a subdomain “awp.oldbutgold.ro” to redirect to my server’s IP but it just redirects me to another IP which i can only assume belongs to Cloudflare.
I want to specify i have a free account

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop: :

Switch that hostname from :orange: to :grey:. When you have it set to :orange:, you are asking Cloudflare to proxy traffic to that name, which requires Cloudflare IPs to be published and can only handle HTTP and HTTPS traffic. When you set it to :grey:, the DNS record is published unaltered.

FWIW, that is just basic DNS resolution and not redirection, which is something completely different than what you are seeking to do.

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