Crypto/stable/bitcoin for the CloudFlare Registrar. Ways to pay from a sanctioned country (Russia) [ARCHIVED]

I use Cloudflare registrar and some other services.
I would like to pay for my domain but the recent sanctions make it tough and I seek ways to pay to CF despite the restrictions.

Paypal doesn’t work.

Here are 2 other options:

  1. Paying with Visa or MasterCard. After restrictions these cards work only inside a country (Russia) and you can’t pay for services abroad. My questions: Cloudflare already has data servers in Russia – may be you can open a small office and accept payments made on the territory of Russia.

  2. If opening an office is not an option, then maybe you could start accepting BitCoins or other crypto/stable currencies?


Based on a recent blog post by Matthew Prince, I doubt this will happen.

:facepalm: Please no. Not here.

@Laurie might know what the options are for Russian payments.


Hi @ilyaigpetrov,
If you reach out to [email protected] our team will copy our finance team and can share with you the ACH payment option for your recurring monthly payments. Unfortunately, this option does not apply to new orders like purchasing domains.


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I’ve tried to request a feature and added a voting for it. Please, don’t close this thread in 3 days so people may leave a message and cast their vote for the bitcoin support by the registrar.


Will ACH work if all my previous payments for my domain were made via Paypal?

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