Crypto no subscription found 1001


Hi today I started to get a no subscription found error 1001 on every site I have with cloudflare, can anyone please tell me what is this?


No subscription found code 1001 cloudflare
No subscription found code 1001 cloudflare
JS Errror on attempt to upgrade account


That’s probably a bug. Are your sites still working?

If it’s still showing that error tomorrow, open a support ticket.


It’s appearing to multiple users. I haven’t found any features that
don’t work, ignoring the error seems to work. Sites definitely work.


It most likely is.[ZONE-ID]/subscription returns a 404.


I thought I was alone! Same error but didn’t got any broken or disabled feature. Sites working as previous without any issue.

It’s a bug or glitch on Cloudflares end. I hope they fix it soon.


Hi There,

I am unable to configure cloudflare with Railgun on my website with SSL. In the crypto section, it says -“no subscription found code 1001 cloudflare” every time I open the tab. Is there anything I am not configuring properly?


Having the same error
No Subscription Found (Code: 1001)
Please fix!


I’m surprised this is still going on. There’s nothing in cloudflarestatus, and @cscharff or @Ryan haven’t popped in to say anything. I guess I’ll open a Support Ticket.

Ok, ticket opened: #1531785


Wow, that was quick:

We are aware of this issue and our billing team are looking into it, but it should not be affecting to use Cloudflare in anyway.


That’s a relief! I was like, “What happened!?” Now I am like, “Phew! I thought I was the only one!” :joy:


Support says this bug has been fixed.


Let me check… Aw Yis! It’s fixed! :smiley::ok_hand: