Crt file from a csr & key file

Hi there,

I’m really bad at all this SSL stuff, hence please excuse me if my question sounds silly.

My client requires a .crt and .key file from my hosting provider in order to be able to redirect from their domain to our domain. However the .crt file needs to be in the following specs:

  • .crt file in PEM format for nginx/apache server
  • SHA 256
  • 2K length

Upon chatting with my hosting provider, they have given me a .csr and .key file and have said that I would have to convert it to .crt (PEM) myself as they do not have the tools to do it. Upon googling, I have found out that this .crt file needs to be generated by a valid CA.

Is this something that Cloudflare can do? if not can someone point me in the right direction please?


It sounds like they want to install some sort of certificate for your domain on their server. And I don’t get how they have a .key file for your domain, but no .crt. Those two go together.

But, give this a try. It will generate a CSR, and from that it will give you the .crt and .key in PEM format. This is the best you’re going to get from Cloudflare. It’s a Cloudflare-specific certificate. I doubt it’ll work and I just don’t know what your client is trying to accomplish.

No! No!! They have requested for a .crt file for my domain. I have the .CSR and .KEY file for my domain and needed a .CRT generated from it so that I could hand over the .crt & .key files for them to install on their server.

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