Cross domain web stream not working

I’m using tunnel to privately host a bunch of services on my home server, it’s been great and is working really well. But I’ve run into a very specific problem, I have octoprint hosting a webcam, and I want to pull that into home assistant.

Both services are behind tunnel, this works fine when I’m on the local IP address (not using Tunnel), but as soon as I use tunnel the stream doesn’t show up.

Any ideas why? I tried cross domain support but it didn’t work (not sure if I had it setup right, I just opening it all up on home assistant access to test)

Here it is working locally


Sorry you’re seeing that. Perhaps opening the Browser Console with F12 and viewing the Console output or Network tab output while you’re opening the viewer may help determine what’s going on?

Open the browser, hit F12, then browse to OctoPrint and get into the Live View, See what the Network and Console tabs say.

The camera feed should be served directly from OctoPrint, so a separate site/cross-site stuff shouldn’t be a problem, I’d imagine.