Cron Worker error in wordpress

I got the following error in the debug log and scheduled tasks are not performed on wordpress by cron worker:

06-May-2021 08:28:26 UTC] [Cloudflare] ERROR: [CLIENT API] Array
    [type] => request
    [path] =>
    [timeout] => 30
    [method] => GET
    [headers] => Array
            [Content-Type] => application/json
            [X-Auth-Email] => REDACTED
            [X-Auth-Key] => REDACTED

[06-May-2021 08:28:26 UTC] [Cloudflare] ERROR: [CLIENT API] Array
    [type] => response
    [reason] => Too Many Requests
    [code] => 429
[06-May-2021 08:28:26 UTC] [Cloudflare] ERROR: Too Many Requests 

cloudflare worker is triggered without issues when checking it in cloudflare. What do do, whats the issue?

Seems like your hitting the Rate Limits

Thats weird, I only got one worker doing a cron job every two minutes. Seems to have solved itself. or if it was that i accidently blocked som bots from the site. Anyhow no errors anymore and cron is working

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