Cron jobs stopped

I have added my website to Cloudflare and then the cron jobs stopped working… anybody please help… Im unable to understand thess cron triggers thing…

There are several types on crons and the only ones I can think of can be influenced by Cloudflare are web-crons. Which are getting triggered by a web-hook. If this is the case, please provide us with at least one URL of you web-crons.

Anyway please provide more info about your crons not working. How did you notice that? Some files you request over HTML not updating? Website not automatically changes content?

curl -s
this is the command…
when i opened cpanel i observed cron jobs were not running… and last one was 4 hrs ago but cron jobs were running every 5 minutes before… this is how i found cron jobs stopped running…

Probably you have configured Cloudflare in a way that is automatically blocks this request.

Do you have Bot fight mode enabled? What are your firewall settings?
Do you see the curl requests in your Cloudflare logs?

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Yeah i enabled bot fight mode enabled… there weren’t any curl requests in the logs…
and i havent created any firewall rules… i mean i didnt change anything in the firewall section.


should i disable bot fight mode?

I disabled bot fight mode, and its working fine thanks!! why is it thinking cron job as a bot?

probably because it is

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Sorry, but i use this and work for me Cloudways Website Cron Job Interupted by Cloudflare