Cron jobs stop working or just never started

Hi everyone,

Is it possible that Cloudflare stops my cron jobs.
I’ve checked everything for over 100 times, contacted hosting provider, script provider and nope. Almost always (+90%) the same message:
Failed to retrieve search data. Your server responded with a 401 multiple times.
Try again in a few minutes.

Thank you all in advance:)

That is very possible, if you pause cloudflare does this still fail?

I’m still confused, because seems that after all, it’s not up to a Cloudflare… Tried to pause Cloudflare and stil fail:(((

Thank you, @zencicjosip, that does make sense. Cloudflare does not generate 4xx errors, so this is from your origin. Are you passing credentials in your script? The 401 indicates an issue with authentication, more details here that may help troubleshoot,

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Thank you. It’s solved now:)

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