Cron jobs don't work after my server's migration

Do I have to change anything in Cloudflare’s DNS in order to work?

It depends on the cron job, and you haven’t offered any details to go on.

What errors are you seeing?

What cronjob are you running?

I just put this command:

It doesn’t work…

That returns a 503 error:

What if I cannot contact the host provider? Can’t be solved otherwise?

Then you’ve got bigger problems than this. For now, set that DNS record to :grey: and see if it works without the proxy.

What DNS exactly?

The DNS entry for ‘w1’

My is under a bit attack, if I remove it, won’t I lose my protection?

That is correct.

Is that on the local machine? You should probably configure a host file on the local machine to resolve it directly rather than going out through Cloudflare and back to the server.

@bymet04 do you have a email i can contact you on please? for something!

Hello, [email protected] is my email.

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