Cron firing too often

This setup was working as expected in Wranger v1. Since updating to v2 it’s firing too often. I’ve deleted and recreated the crons (from toml file) with no luck.

My triggers:


The logs:

Any ideas?

In your screenshot, the top 3 all ran at the same time (once per cron setting)

I wonder if pushing changes causes the cron jobs to restart?

It’s very probably a bug. No idea how to report bugs or get the attention of the Workers team though.

The workers team is very active on the discord server. I’d ask them there

I submitted a bug report here: 🐛 BUG: Cron fires too often (reproducible) · Issue #1708 · cloudflare/wrangler2 · GitHub

Edit: so cron is absolute time based and not interval based. The docs led me astray…



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