CRN URL where can I find this and does it actually exist or are my developers dumb!


I am getting rather frustrated as I look at other discussions but there is no simple answer in English. My website is hosted by IONOS and I have used Cloudflare to try to improve my speed. I can see my website is now directed through Cloudflare however my developers are asking me for URL of CDN as they need to URLs to put into Magento in the sections ‘Secure base URL for static view files’ and Secure base URL for user media files. All the topics I have read show there is no such thing as a CDN URL so what the ■■■■ are my developers asking me?? I am not technical when it comes to all this website integrations and need simple plain English help

This is correct and still the case. Cloudflare is a proxy so serves the files on the usual path, not on an external hostname like a CDN.

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