Critical error caused by updated DNS?

Bluehost tells me there has been a change in the DNS records kellen and mckinley. My website now has a critical error because of an updated plugin, and they tell me to contact Cloudflare about it. I haven’t changed anything in the DNS.

What is the domain?

The domain is oddgrooves dot com

The site loads ok for me in a browser, there’s no problem with the DNS…

Is that a Wordpress plugin? Can you show a screenshot or something with the error on it?

Thanks for checking :slight_smile: Yes it’s a wordpress plugin that caused a critical error and the admin panel turned blank. Somehow it seems to work from the outside… My webhost says they can’t help because there were changes in the DNS and it’s propagating. Not sure I follow, but I’m not a very technical person.

Issue solved and all is well. It appears that it had nothing to do with DNS or Cloudflare.
Thanks for the time and effort @sjr

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