Critical Error but lacking access

I am trying to help a new client with their WordPress site, but it is showing a Critical Error. We do not have Cloudflare credentials, but just want the site restored from a backup to a working version. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Cloudflare don’t do any WordPress hosting - they’re just a proxy that sits infront & sends the request to your origin/web hosting.

If you’re having an issue with WordPress, you’d need to contact your host. If it’s an issue with Cloudflare itself, follow the account recovery instructions available at


That’s what I thought about the hosting, but the Nameservers from the registrar are pointed to Cloudflare.

And the Cloudflare account holder is unresponsive to requests.

Nameservers just determine who is handling DNS for a given domain - that’s not indicative of who’s hosting an application or website on a given (sub)domain.

DNS lookups will take you to Cloudflare so that users reach Cloudflare, go through the security/performance/etc flows and then Cloudflare fetches the origin on their behalf.

Visitor <–[Connection 1]–> Cloudflare Edge <–[Connection 2]–> Origin Server

In this scenario, Origin Server is what/who is hosting your WordPress website.

Cloudflare can’t reveal who it’s pointing to behind the proxy to anyone, that’ll be available to the account owner in the dashboard - the only thing I can recommend if you don’t have account access is looking for invoices or payments to a hosting company who would be the one running your website.

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Okay. Thanks.

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