Critical DNS Records Blunder

Greetings! I believe I have really messed up my site!

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I recently transferred my domain ownership from Hostinger to Nixihost. I am now trying to transfer the hosting as well but that is where my issue lies.

After researching, it would seem I just needed to change a few things in my DNS records through Cloudflare. After locating the Zone Editor via Nixihost CPanel, I found the new IPs that I believe are the correct ones. I then proceeded to change the ftp A record, the root A record, as well as 2 MX records (Which I probably did not need to do).

I idiotically did these things without thinking of exporting my records prior so now I have nothing to fall back to.

Now my website is not working and I don’t know how to go about fixing it; I don’t know if I fudged some DNS lines, or if it’s a problem via my files on NixiHost.

I hope someone will be able to help me with this as I am not the most well-versed about this sort of stuff, this is the first time I have had to mess about with DNS records and I can say this sure is a learning experience! :sweat_smile:


That is a pain. You can go through the recent changes in the audit log. Login to, from the lower left of the home screen, click manage account and then drop down to audit log. You’ll see the records you changed and their value. The error being shown is not a Cloudflare error, so your record changes may be working properly, but the new hosting instance has an error.

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That is great news, I should be be able to figure out the hosting issue!

Thanks a ton, @cloonan. Take care!

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