Critical CSS for page not generated

I am getting the following error message when I used WP Rocket on my Wordpress site, when I “Regenerate Critical Path CSS”

  • Critical CSS for page not generated. Error: Cloudflare protection prevents the service from accessing the website. Please whitelist this IP addresse in your Cloudflare account: If that doesn’t help, please ask Cloudflare’s support to allow access to our tool.

I believe I have Whitelisted the IP address above, however no fix.

Any suggestions out there?

Kindly, have you checked if you configured WP Rocket to work with Cloudflare using this tutorial:

May I ask where did you do it?
Using htaccess or at your host/origin?

Have you checked with the steps from below?

You Whitelisted the IP addresses in the Firewall settings page? Does any requests pop-up at Firewall Events Log?

Also, make sure your server and wordpress are seeing visitor’s real ip address and not Cloudflare’s IPs using this tutorial here:

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