Crisp uses Cloudflare’s Load Balancing to improve the global performance of their customer relationship application

When Crisp saw Cloudflare’s Load Balancing Early Access offering, they opted into the program to see if they could leverage it to help with the latency they were seeing with dynamic content. Cloudflare’s Global Load Balancing routes Crisp’s customers to the origin server closest to them, which not only shortens the distance content needs to travel, but also allows for cryptographic termination closer to the end user—ensuring minimal latency for the end user. The results were better than Crisp could’ve hoped— “When we rolled out Cloudflare Load Balancing,” Saliou explained “to route traffic across our atlas of websocket servers (tunneled into our core infrastructure through a VPN), we immediately got messages from customers in Asia and Oceania thanking us for the improvement.”

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Cloudflare Load Balancing runs at each of our data centers across 250 cities worldwide and is powered by our DDoS-resilient DNS to ensure that traffic continues to get routed even under stress. Learn more about Cloudflare Load Balancing.

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