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After trying two credit cards and submitting a request to transfer a domain at least six times today using the same card, and billing information… It finally went through? Frankly I wasn’t expecting it to work, I just wanted to copy the error for a support ticket. In between my attempts to transfer the domain, I used the same card and information to renew two domains at GoDaddy, and set up a new $300 account at siteGround. The same thing happened with another domain a couple of days ago.

Any ideas as to what’s wrong at Cloudflare, and why several of my clients credit cards have failed when we know they work elsewhere …or how to make this any easier? Ha sanyone else having these issues? I have eight domains to go… at an average rate of two successful transfers in 3 days. I’m having second thoughts.

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear about the billing issue.
Can you submit the ticket?
You can submit from your dashboard: Contacting Cloudflare Support · Cloudflare Support docs

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This all started with emails to clients accounts, basically explaining that Cloudflare is now going to be providing domains, basically become a domain “Registrar”, and that domains would be offered at cost, “Because Cloudflare doesn’t believe domains should be marked up be providers”. I’m paraphrasing here.

Frankly… I agree, and stared out by thinking I would move eight of the domains I manage over to Cloudflare. Basically for clients that “wanted” me to move them, and were already using your DNS, both free and.or paid accounts.

I have to say right now, and be very up front and honest …this has been a bad experience! I’ve been transferring domains around for 30 years now, and “this has been a bad experience”.

It’s one thing to have slow or non-existent support for something like free DNS services, and quite another for something as important as a domain name, that you are paying for …regardless of price.

Please don’t try to claim that support has been slow because these prices are out of the kindness of your heart, morals, ethics, etc., like some of the people one your “community” have. This is about marketing and up-selling clients …and marketing comes a cost, I been in the business for 35 years.

This said… these are some, not all by far, of the problems I have had.

I have had multiple problems getting credit cards that I know are in good standing, to be accepted at Cloudflare. I have these same cards on file at GoDaddy and SiteGround. I have in fact now had at least two cards that I was able to turn around and use to renew domains at GoDaddy and set up new accounts at SiteGround, in between “failed attempts” at Cloudflare to purchase a $9 domain name. *see below

I tried to initiate a transfer through your site for one of these domains yesterday, at least 6 or 8 times, using the exact same card and billing information before it finally went through … totally unexpectedly, I might add. I was only trying it “one more time”, to get a screen shot of the error, to show the client what I was up against at Cloudlfair. In between these attempts I was able to use the same card at GoDaddy to renew another domain? Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like an issue with the actual card.

I have also had multiple failures getting domains excepted “for transfer” at Cloudflare. Even after following the instructions found here:

I really do not have time for all of this… I’m going to be working 16 hour days to make up for the time lost just trying transfer a few domains over to Cloudflare, something I thought was going to take up a half day.

So… First things first. I want to be “assured”, before I even think of moving one more domain from GoDaddy over to Cloudflare is will these domains be SUPPORTED.

I have read through this page in full, twice now…

And it says…

“Customers on Free plans are encouraged to utilise our Cloudflare Community and will only receive standard ticket support for billing, account, and registrar issues.”

What is considered “Standard Support” on domains I have registered through Cloudflare?

Is there a chat available for issues with setting up and/or managing domains? This is not clear on the page above.

If not… what do I have to do to get support on a domain issue, and what is you average time to “solve support requests”.

Most of the companies I deal with “today”, actually discourage Support Tickets, even though they still offer them. I’m told by support staff, because it slows everything down tremendously.

My average support time at SiteGround is less than 10 minuets from login to solution …and I seldom use support unless it’s a complex problem that I was unable to find a solution to in the knowledge base.

Meanwhile, I have an open ticket at Cloudflare right now - 2811895, concerning a credit card failure, the same * failure mentioned above, that I haven’t seen a response to in something like 36 hours? Like it or not, “expectations” or not, this is what your competition is capable of accomplishing… and something ALL of us are going to be considering.

When the question above are answered… I will reconsider all of my options.

Thanks for time with this, John

I have also tried getting to the support tickets within one of the accounts I’m having problems with, but do not follow the instructions in the link you provided.

  1. Select the appropriate account requiring assistance.
    What exactly do I select from the “home” page" I se only the domain name and “Pending Name server Update”, which has been there since I set up the account and changed the name servers over at GoDaddy. yesterday, maybe even the day before?

  2. Verify that you are now in the Support Portal
    How do I do this? From the home page I see the word support at the end of the URL? Bit clicking on anythings and this changes?

  3. Choose the category and subcategories that best define your issue
    I’m not even making it his far. No mater what I do I’m finding “Support Categories” anywhere?

Chat support is available on Business and Enterprise plans. Response times depend on the plan. I don’t know what those times are, but only Enterprise plans have SLAs.

Cloudflare is no exception. Asking the Community is recommended over submitting a ticket.

Without knowing the domain name, the Community cannot give you a specific answer. I can share the three most common causes of that error:

  1. Cloudflare nameservers added as NS records in existing DNS instead of changed in registrar whois
  2. Cloudflare nameservers added at registrar, but old nameservers not removed at registrar
  3. DNSSEC enabled on domain

While efficacy may vary by use case, using Cloudflare registrar comes with limitations that often render it an unsuitable option.

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I set up an account for this domain a couple of days ago, probably going on three days actually. I noticed that the Overview page never changed …and continued to say Complete your Nameserver Setup? So I talked to SiteGround and they said, Cloudflare was pointing the domain to my site, and that the site was up and work correctly. I was also able to access the site and WP admin. So I waited.

The next day still the same… so I went to back to GoDaddy and their page had your nameservers listed, so I waited. I did this twice and continued to wait. The second time I contacted them, they said the nameservers were changed immediately on my request. And directed me to the same page.

Today I got a email from Cloudflare saying:

We could not add the website to your account because your nameservers (NS) are not yet pointing to Cloudflare.

So I contacted GoDaddy again, and this is what the had to say…

Gigatala L at 15:52, May 29:

Sure, let me help you with your NAMESERVERS for
You NAMESERVERS are being managed by


If that domain is still showing as pending in your Cloudflare account, can you share a screenshot from your Cloudflare DNS app for that domain that shows the assigned nameserver names?

Nevermind the screenshot. I see you got where I was going with the question in my previous reply.

This is your problem.
Most people think cloudflare is great, especially their service and marketing methods

Without gfw .
I’m afraid cloudflare will occupy most of the market in china

Cloudflare detects dns very quickly

In this case, you should go to your domain name registrar

Instead of bothering Cloudflare’s support people here

Yes thanks… I went ahead and made the edit at GoDaddy. Hopefully it will setup, and this will also solve the problem I had with getting the domain transferred.

You can try paypal

GoDadd Domain name control system is very junk. You can try to contact them and see if you can solve it

Problem solved… at least on this domain…

We appreciate very much your detailed feedback regarding your experience transferring domains to the Cloudflare Registrar.

At this time, it looks like the domain was successfully transferred to our registrar.

It appears that there were some rules blocking your credit card.

Please let us know if this helped and you would like us to look into this further or not.

Thank you very much for your time and patience during this transfer.

Best Regards,

Senior Technical Support Engineer

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