Credit Card Processing


I’m sure you’re aware but every domain results in a separate charge. This is inefficient for a number of reasons, but I’m sure you’re aware that you’re getting hit with a separate transaction fee every time?

Is there a reason you can’t batch them all in one charge?

The first couple times I did transfers, my credit card thought it was double/triple/whatever-charging me.


They’re aware of it. It’s also caused some anti-fraud blocks to kick in.

Yep, I had my credit card provider contact me twice already.

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Ask them to whitelist Cloudflare so they don’t need to contact you again, and all your future charges will go through without a hitch.

I believe they already have, but in any case that is not an appropriate long term solution to the problem. The Cloudflare devs need to batch the charges together using whatever payment API they’ve got. I’m confident this will happen, it’s just a matter of when.