Creator bundle pricing in case I use my own storage for images

In the Creator bundle, we get to store up to 500,000 images and 10,000 minutes of video content. Deliver up to 1,000,000 images and 50,000 minutes of video content each month.

If I use my own storage for images, Will I be charged less than $50/month because I won’t be hosting 500,000 images on Cloudflare?

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Correct. You could store them if you want, because that’s part of the bundle. If you don’t want to store images, then you can get the basic Images package, and not get charged for storage.

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But I want videos too, and AFAIK we can’t use our own storage for video.

I am not talking about only Cloudflare images plan. My question is about creator bundle, which included both Cloudflare images + Cloudflare Stream

For Images, storage is purchased in increments of 100K images stored. In other words, if you purchase storage capacity for 100K images, then you will pay $5 each month, whether you store 0 images or 100K images. With the Creator Bundle plan, you will pay $50/month (+ the cost of additional storage and delivery) even if you don’t upload any images.

If you need video storage but don’t need image storage, then you can purchase Stream and Images separately, rather than through a Bundle plan.

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