Creation of Worker Subdomain is Necessary?

I am trying to deploy worker script on my domain through API, all the API calls are getting successful to update the KV, deploy worker script to specific route pattern but the last API call to set the Cron Trigger is failing with an error “worker.api.error.subdomain_required”.

Since my worker will be deployed on my own domain, I don’t need to create the worker subdomain, but without creating worker subdomain, I am not able to set the Cron Trigger and access the worker tab from Cloudflare Dashboard.

So, is there any workaround to make the Cron Trigger and Worker Dashboard work without creating the Worker Subdomain?

Even if you don’t use subdomains I believe you still need to set one. Workers are in the format, but deployment of a worker to a subdomain is still optional, you just need to have one on your account.