Creating valid bypass routes with new UI

I am using workers to redirect users to the correct page. In this case I have a script that adds “id/” between the domain and path. To any path that is not one of my current static pages.

With the tutorial I am following, I am looking to set up my routes like below.


The menu has changed a bit since that picture I think. It no longer shows how to disable the script anywhere.

As per the documentation: the correct way to do this is to create more specific routes where the script should not run. I have tried this but It does not work, it just runs always no matter what.

So .com/build redirects to .com/id/build even though it is not supposed to. (since I put a bypass route there)

I am probably doing something wrong, not really experienced with this. Any ideas on how to do this correctly? :slightly_smiling_face: