Creating two CNAME records for email self-authentication through Constant Contact

I need to self-authenticate my domain through Constant Contact (CC). I have set up the two cname records and a DKIM that CC recommends here in my Cloudflare account. After saving it appears Cloudflare is stripping the domain name from the end of the record. As a result, Constant Contact is not seeing the cname and not allowing the self-authentication.

Is there a way to force Cloudflare to take the entire name string with the domain in my cname?


That’s as it should be. Records are entered excluding the domain and if you enter it, Cloudflare now removes it for you to prevent you creating

Ensure the CNAMEs are not proxied. Otherwise, what is the domain name and the records you are being asked to set?

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First CNAME Record Name is with a value of

Second CNAME Record Name is with a value of

The CNAMEs appear to be ok and resolving through to the target TXT records…

They may only be polling the DNS every hour or some other interval so wait a little while to see if they pick it up later.

Just check you don’t also have to add something to your SPF record to ensure they are shown to be authorised to send mail for your domain.


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