Creating subdomain with Covertkit and updating DNS

Hi, I’m using Convertkit to create a landing page for Basically, through Convertkit I want to create a subdomain called Convertkit provides the relevant A records to include in my Cloudflare DNS (see screenshots showing that I’ve included the Convertkit A records into my Cloudflare DNS zone).

When I do a DNS search, the A record for still hasn’t updated:

Can someone please guide me if I’ve missed something or do I just have to wait for the changes to propagate (seems to be taking a while).

Thank you.

If you use Cloudflare in Proxy-Mode (:norange:), it technically replaces your IPs in DNS by Cloudflare’s IPs, but proxies the traffic to the origin IPs (in this case Convertkit’s).

Since those services verify your DNS set up my making DNS lookups, the IPs will always mismatch. You need to disable proxying for those entries to :ngrey: DNS-only.

Thank you. That worked.

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