Creating Subdomain Should be in cPanel / Cloudflare

Hello Community Cloudflare,

I’m new in Cloudflare, currently use cPanel Hosting and Cloudflare DNS for my domain. Can I know every time I want create subdomain, I need to create on Cloudflare DNS only? OR both CloudFlare DNS & In my cPanel Subdomain.

Because when I create on Cloudflare DNS my subdomain not working.

  1. How about when I create subdomain for Herokuapp use should i create sudomain both? in cloudflare and cPanel?

Thanks in advance.

As it sounds like you’re using the same server for everything, you’ll need to add a corresponding DNS “A” record here for that subdomain with the same IP address you use for the other sites on that server. Your cPanel will probably add a DNS record anyway, but you can disregard that.

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