Creating Subdomain in Cloudflare for Convertkit Landing Page

Hey there,

I am trying to host a ConvertKit landing page on a new subdomain on my site ( My domain is with Godaddy, Hosting with Bluehost. The nameservers point to Cloudflare, so that’s where I went to make the DNS changes.

I followed these steps:

CK gave me three A records to add to my DNS.
I went to Cloudflare and added them (screeenshot).
However, if you run the subdomain through DNSchecker, you’ll see that the A records for the subdomain are different than the ones I entered in Cloudflare.

Note: it’s been a week since I made the change, so the new entries have had plenty of time to propagate.

Where’s the issue coming from? Thanks!

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Hi, and thank you, sdayman.

I’ve gone ahead and disabled the Proxy then. Is that what you recommend?

With the Proxies on, the subdomain shows a 404 page from ConvertKit, which CK customer support said is because the A records for the subdomain aren’t theirs (as indicated by DNSchecker).

Now that I’ve turned off the proxy, the subdomain shows a “site non-secure” warning.

Since it’s not proxed, that indicates your server is not configured for a secure connection. You’d have to work with the host to fix that.

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