Creating subdomain - best practice?

I have a vendor who wants us to create a subdomain, typically, I’d go to hostgator and create my subdomain there, but now that I am using Cloudflare, I am unsure the best practice.

The vendor said not to create the subdomain on hostgator as Cloudflare seems to me managing my dns right now…

I tried setting up the subdomain here in Cloudflare, and I am getting an error. It could be because the place I am pointing it to isnt fully setup yet, but my main concern is just this:

If my hosting is with HostGator, and I am using cloudflare, do i set the subdomain info on cloudflare, or on Hostgator and then refresh cloudflare and hope it picks up the change?

“Best practice” implies there are multiple ways to skin this proverbial cat… but that’s not the case here. There’s just one correct way to do this.

From Cloudflare’s perspective, all you have to do is create a DNS A or CNAME record to point the subdomain to wherever the subdomain site is to be hosted. But the exact option (A or CNAME) and the value to use depends on where this subdomain is to be hosted (ie whether on the same HostGator account hosting your primary domain site, or on the vendor’s external platform).

I’ve provided Cloudflare’s documentation on creating DNS records below.

If you could explain what this subdomain is to be used for, I could give you more specific instructions.

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