Creating Subdomain and Configuring Email DNS Records

Hello All,

I have my domain redirected to Cloudflare and my email hosting with Net4India. As per email communication with them hey send me below details:
a) Create the subdomain mail.Domain Name for your MX Record and point the same to the IP address
b) Further create the following 3 subdomains and the assign the Cname values mentioned below Following subdomains need to be created in any case (with/without NS with Net4).Pop.Domain Name Mail.DomainName Smtp.Domain Name Smtpauth.Domain Name

I have updated DNS record with reference to above suggestion but still incoming email not working and Net4 replying that subdomain not created properly.

Attached is snap for current settings. Please help me to correct settings. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Your MX record is incorrect. You need to create an A record with the name “mail”, point it to that address, make sure it is set to :grey:, and then change your MX record’s name to “@” and point it to “”.

Hello Sandro,

Thank you for quick reply.

I have updated all DNS records as suggested but unfortunately I found that still not resolving when we check using DNS Watch. I have verified for email side and still incoming email not receiving.

Apologies. Forget to upload DNS setting snap

For starters your mail record is not set to :grey: as I specifically pointed out.

Secondly, your pop record is proxied as well, hence you wont be able to fetch your emails, however they should arrive at this point, because Cloudflare is smart enough to detect your invalid MX settings :wink:

Hello Sandro,
Updated the mail record as shown in the snapshot but still no luck.

Please let me know if anything else needs to be done.

Thanks again.

No luck with what? Your MX record is properly set at this point.

Hi Sandro,

Unfortunately incoming email still not receiving.

How do you tell?

Hello Sandro

I have tried to send email from gmail to [email protected] and its not receiving. Do you think pop proxy making that issue?

When we check via DNS Watch its not showing properly

I have called also but they are saying its DNS issue and pop record not reflecting.

Thanks for your help.

hello sandro,

I have verified by sending email from other email id to my email id but still its not receiving.

Additional to this pop record not resolving tried to check TXT record via dns watch website.

Thank you for your help.

Does the email bounce? If it doesnt you will need to contact your host. The mail configuration itself is correct (assuming the IP address is correct).

Email doesn’t bounce back but it’s not receiving.

I will check with vendor again.

Thanks for your help.