Creating our own DNS servers


We are a hosting company and we want to create ns1, ns2 for each of our servers that we host.
I would like to know if I buy the Business plan, can I take my domain and create ns1, ns2 for each of our hosting boxes? So that customers would change the nameserver of their domains and that it would point to our boxes.


Can you clarify what you are trying to do? You can create a host with that name and you can point it to a server in your environment which is running DNS on any plan. Your customers can point their DNS to that box if you are hosting DNS for them on it.

Hey thanks for your reply.

This is what i mean:

  1. We have a domain name that is using Cloudflare. example:
  2. We have many servers that are used by our clients for shared web hosting.
  3. Today we buy new domain for each server we deploy and create custom name servers through the registrar.
  4. We want to stop buying new domains and only use one domain that is using Cloudflare services.

A scenario:
a new client registered to our service on server1, and asks for our nameservers, we send him these nameservers:

So that the client could point its domain to the server.
We want to know, how do we create these custom nameservers with Cloudflare?
Is that possible to achive with Cloudflare?

You are going to be hosting the DNS on your servers right? Just create the records as you have them pointing to the IP address(es) for those servers above and make sure they are :grey: in the DNS control panel.

Yes the servers are going to host the dns service as well.
So basically, you mean I need to create A records of ns1, ns2 pointing to one of the server and that would be enough?

Should be yes.

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