Creating Origin certificate

creating Origin certificate still need to cover all following domain to work SSL properly?

You can probably put them all on there except for ‘mail’ because Cloudflare won’t proxy a mail server.

Thank you so much for your reply
if i used cloudflare Origin certificate all domains, i have few questions please clarify me

  1. Authenticated Origin Pulls set on or off?
  2. can i completely disabled AutoSSL for cPanel or WHM then any issues creating this?
  1. I don’t use authenticated origin pulls. I already use a server firewall to block all non-Cloudflare connections.
  2. You can disable AutoSSL for all those hostnames you just generated a certificate for. So you’ll probably leave it enabled for the ‘mail’ hostname so their mail server will support TLS for your domain.

because Cloudflare won’t proxy a mail server.

Wait…just for clarification, isn’t that essentially the mail product they just introduced this week in ? I’m at least a month out before even having a prayer of testing it, but I thought the gist was essentially being a mail filter and proxy service. Did I misunderstand?

Not really. It’s just a forwarder. You’ll have absolutely zero control over that server or its settings.

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