Creating Firewall Rule for Regions (US States)

Is there a way to create a firewall rule that limits traffic to specific states in the US so as to focus traffic to local users (small for a small local business with no ecommerce). Also, is this a bad idea for some reason?

Currently using this rule ( in {“US”})
How can I alter this?

Nope. Firewall Rules don’t go that deep. You’d have to write your own Worker to do this.
Personally, I think that’s going a bit too far in limiting your audience. There’s no real reason to “focus traffic”, as long as your server can handle the current load.


My tool of the month Transform Rule followed by a Firewall Rule would be easier.

In general, this is a bad idea and a poor user experience. As @sdayman said, an efficient website with a good caching policy should make the number and location of users irrelevant.

I can think of lots of reasons why blocking by country/region is bad, some of which depend on what your business is. The easiest one is that geo-IP data is not precise, and you might be fire-walling people by mistake. The less easy one is that if I’m travelling to <city> next week and need to find a <dentist, hardware store, toy shop, etc> when I get there, I’ll never visit those businesses who just had a big error message instead of a website. But there are plenty of other reasons.

Darn it. Foiled again!

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