Creating Data Layers using Service workers

Hey guys, probably a dumb question - but new to the community so any help or advice would be helpful.

Would like to find out, if create an event using the service worker that triggers a simple data layer.
eg. If a customer visits a specific page I would like the data layer to fire. Would this be possible?

Please and Thank you.

Not sure what you mean by “data layer”, but workers can be set up to only trigger on certain routes (like /product/1234 or /product/* for all products) and you can set up if statements to change the script behavior.

Thank you for feedback.

So just to provide some context, I’m more a marketer than developer (Very Little developer knowledge). So I use data layers when using the google tag manager. - " A data layer is a JavaScript object that is used to pass information from the website to google tag manager container". Not sure if that explanation helps.

So Ideally what I would like is that if someone visits - www…/operators/contact - I would like the worker to trigger the data layer script.

Have an attached an image of an example of a data layer. Don’t know if I’m explaining well enough.


Yes, the worker would inject whatever javascript is needed in that page.

Awesome - Thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated.

Hope this does break any community rules:- But would a script like this be adaptable:

Any recommendations:see_no_evil: ???