Creating custom nameserver and glue record


Being new to using cloudflare as my registrar, I was wondering how to manage the domain settings like you would at other registrars. For example, if I decide in the future that I want to run my own name servers, where would you specify the glue record for the domain? This would basically mean that for this domain, it would only use CF as a registrar and not use any of their other services.

On the DNS page for the zone, it has a button for creating custom name servers, however, this appears to be for making the name server on CF and not making your own that would be hosted locally. If it is, then why would someone choose to use CF as their registrar when every other registrar allows you to set the name servers and glue records for free?


Custom nameservers are currently only possible with at least a business plan.


Yeah, but they’re talking about pure Registrar settings…which are still a work in progress.


a) Currently :wink:
b) I somehow doubt Cloudflare would open that, otherwise they lose one business incentive, but then maybe they will at some point


I’m not sure if you completely understand registering a nameserver in this context, but there is no negative impact to Cloudflare.

If I own, and want other sites such as customer.example to use my name servers, I need to not only create a/aaaa records for but I also need to register those nameservers so that there is appropriate glue records available to the TLD roots.

This is completely separate from Cloudflare’s custom nameserver feature (which could allow Cloudflare itself to host said nameservers).


@thedaveCA, Correct. I’m just wondering if the capability will be there to use a private name server for the root domain and add the glue record so it knows ns1/’s IP. The custom nameserver offered by Cloudflare seems to me to be Cloudflare’s server and not your own.

Adding Hosting Nameservers NS Records on the DNS app is very similar to this topic but only answers the ability to use a subdomain as a name server and not the root.


Glue is only necessary if you want to use hosts as nameservers which belong to the same domain for which you want to define these nameservers. The moment you use these hosts for another domain glue becomes irrelevant as regular DNS mechanisms will apply. Check out

And this would be the very definition of Cloudflare’s custom nameserver support.


But TLDs sometimes require nameserver registration if you want to use e.g. in another .com domain (or a domain in an operationally related TLD, like .net or .edu*). DNS doesn’t technically require it, but it can improve efficiency, and TLD policy sometimes does require it regardless.

* Those examples should stop being true soon.


Fair enough, for such cases yes.