Creating CNAME with two dots


I need to create a CNAME with two dots but I get an invalid error when attempting to do so.
Example: say my root domain is
I need to

Also need to create a CNAME for a domain outside of mine. Example:
this.record.■■■■.com >

Should I use TXT records?

thanks and hope this makes sense.

Possible issue “in between” could be:

Or, maybe if using unproxied hostname record :grey: cloud (DNS-only), if so?

Below article could provide us more helpful information about setting up the CNAME just in case:

Possible limitation: Plan we are using.

You can create the CNAME, but as @fritex pointed out, it should be :grey: DNS Only.

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So, when creating records, I tend to but the full FQDN without last dot in the record, similar to how I do the FQDN of the canonical. So, instead of, I type the full CF will drop the zone in the record, but the verbosity helps ensure fewer errors, I’ve noticed.

Additionally, the edge certs CF provides by default don’t cover the 3rd level subdomain. It’ll cover jobs.domain.tld, but won’t match the *.domain.tld wildcard cert. you would need to either use the advanced certificate manager for $10/m to manually define that, or upload your own cert to cover it, which requires a business level account. That said, this is not the case if it’s DNS-only, but then you would need to have an SSL cert on the origin, and it wouldn’t be protected by Cloudflare’s protections.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks! This took care of my issue. It would be nice for CloudFlare to include helpful text like this in the error code.
Thanks again.

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