Creating CNAME using cloudflared

It’s for backing up my work computer at home to the NAS at the shop and making files available when needed for whatever projects I’m working on.

That might get you into trouble for violating Cloudflare’s Terms of Service 2.8 if it’s frequent high levels of traffic.

Are you able to connect to your shop’s NAS directly without Cloudflare Tunnel?

No, not directly as CGNAT doesn’t support port forwarding so I can’t assign my routers external IP address to an A record where my domain is hosted. From there I could of usually setup my sub domain to point to and effectively open and forward the appropriate ports to gain access to my internal LAN and therefor server.


Out of curiosity, have you tried a Quick Tunnel just to see if you can get some functionality?

Yes, you are correct.

Make sure you
proxy the CName record managed by Argo tunnel

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