Creating CNAME record on free plan

Hi - I’m new to Cloudflare and I’m having problems with the following help document:

I believe that because I have changed nameservers to Cloudflare, I don’t need “CNAME Setup” (requiring a paid plan that I don’t currently have) and that I can “add a CNAME record” (available on free plans)

When I click on the link to “How do I add a CNAME record”, I’m taken to a page that states that states “oops - You’re not authorized to access this page”

I recently moved a domain to a free plan on Cloudflare on the recommendation of

I have just created a CNAME record on Cloudflare for the first time. The purpose of the CNAME record is to point a subdomain to a third party site that hosts training courses.

When I tested the new subdomain, I received the following error in Chrome:


I’ll be very grateful if somebody can advise.


You’re using CNAME properly, but that error is not a CNAME issue.

Thanks very much.

I’ve worked through the documents and the URL is now working.

I initially selected Full(strict) SSL and also “Always use HTTPS”. This gave a problem with timeout. I then removed “Always use HTTPS” and this appears to have fixed the issue.

Thanks again.

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