Creating Cloudflare Cache

Hi, i am confused as to how the cloud flare works?

a.) Once the website is added to the cloud flare, will it automatically start to cache the static resources across all the pages?


b.) A page has to be requested by someone before Cloud Flare stores the same in it’s cache?

I read somewhere that Cloud Flare is not really a CDN but a Web Proxy, If so how do i request CloudFlare to cache the entire website?

I highly recommend you read this article: Understanding Cloudflare's CDN – Cloudflare Help Center
By default they will cache resources (.js, .css, images)

If the content isn’t in the cache then it will fetch from the origin and cache it. Read the article I sent above.

I have already gone through the link before posting the message here. My question is:

Once the site has been added to Cloud Flare will it automatically start pulling the content off our server and start storing the same into its cache or does it cache the page only when it has been requested by the user?


The user will need to request the resource, and the response will need to satisfy the conditions for the server to cache it (i.e. appropriate cache headers, no Set-Cookie headers).

You can see the cache utilization % in the dashboard. Once Cloudflare starts serving your content, this % will increase.

Thank you so much for the explanation. What happens when the Edge Cache Expires? Will Cloudflare fetch it automatically?

Yes, it will be fetched automatically

Cloudflare won’t cache the new resource until someone visits your website after the previous resource has expired. It doesn’t actively scrape your origin.