Creating bypass routes for file extensions

As you can see in the screen shot the blue box says that I successfully created a bypass route for the file extensions but in the route list below it doesn’t show up. Is there a way that I can bypass my workers for any traffic requesting any file extensions?

Let me know if I understand you right. You want to bypass the Worker for any URI which contains ANY extensions in the URL? So will route to the Worker but[dot]anything will bypass the Worker?

Essentially, do you want a bypass route for any URL ending in [dot]asterisk ?

Like this?

You’re correct - I’m looking to basically block anything *.*. I get the same result as you do in your screenshot where it says it adding it successfully but it doesn’t actually add it and still continues to process the *.* traffic.

Is there a different place in the UI or even via an API that I can see the bypass routes?