Creating bulk redirect list items won't save just spins indefinitely

Has been happening for the last 24hrs, but don’t see any reported issues on the System Status pages.

Not able to add new URLs to a bulk redirect list. Upon save the site just spins indefinitely with the message “Your items are now being added and will appear shortly.” Having the same issue across browsers/machines/networks, so it seems to either be something with my account or the Bulk Redirects on the site.

Anyone else seeing an issue? I haven’t tried adding via API just yet but will if it persists.

Turns out the free plan only allows up to 20 items across all lists rather than 20 per individual list. The error message didn’t indicate that’s what was happening at all and the Bulk Redirect interface is a little non-specific. Upgrading one domain to a Pro plan allowed up to 500 items.