Creating and connecting Wordpress site #wordpress

New user here and getting a little lost and confused in all the forums. Apologies for how uninformed i am but i’m new to this and feeling overwhelmed by all the information and technical terms.

I have a domain hosted through cloudflare. It’s currently redirected to kajabi but I want to create a wordpress site for this domain and connect it to cloudflare.

I’m not sure how to create the site on wordpress and connect it. I can’t figure out which step comes first.

Thanks in advance.


Cloudflare doesn’t host sites, unless you’re using Workers. So you’ll need to find a website host that can install a WordPress site for you. Then you’ll have to update your DNS records here to point to that host’s IP address instead of the Kajabi site.

thanks for the quick response. Someone else originally set up my domains and cloudflare and we aren’t in contact anymore so I can’t tell where the domains are currently hosted. obviously i dont know much about how it works. When i search whois, etc, they all show cloudflare as the registrar but i can’t seem to figure out the actual domain host.

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