Creating an Alias record error code 81053

I migrated over my site from old host to new host and set up a temp site ( The domain registrar is with someone else. My new host NameCheap, said I need to create brand new CNAME for bare domain name(@) and update the existing one for subdomain ‘www’.

I changed the www easily enough but when creating a new CNAME for bare domain and hit save, it gave the error code 81053, saying that cname record already existed with that host. Which host is it refering to old or new?

I did ask an assistant at NC to help set this up again but after trying, they said I have the A record for the domain, therefore, cannot add the CNAME record since it copies all the settings and the settings will be overwritten (including the MX record). They also said, When you add the ALIAS record for the domain, you are able to use it. Unfortunately, they do not support this type of the reocrd, and we offer a CNAME record as a way out. The issue is that you cannot create an ALIAS record on CloudFlare’s side since they do not support it. You can create the CNAME record. CNAME record copies all the records of the target (including MX, TXT records, etc.). Therefore, you cannot have the MX record if you add the CNAME record. You may add the A record, but if we change the value of the on our side, it will not be changed automatically on your side (as it is when you have the ALIAS record). The alternative is to add the A record on the CloudFlare’s side, but it is your own responsibility to change the IP address in case it is changed on our side.

That’s as far as I got. After that they were talking about free DNS set up.

Please can I have some help to set this up as the sites now offline via old host.
Thank you, Dan
PS Not sure what screenshots I can attach here.

This is NameCheaps followup message if it helps:
Since your domain is pointed to the CloudFlare’s DNS, you are not able to add the ALIAS record for it. If your domain is registered on CloudFlare or uses CloudFlare’s DNS, point your domain to EasyWP using a CNAME record. The CNAME record copies all the records of the target. It means that you cannot have other records for this domain.

So, you will not be able to use the email service simultaneously with the email service and CloudFlare. You may add the A record for the domain, but you will be responsible for it on your own. It means that if the IP address changes on our side, you will not receive any notification about this. You will need to contact us, and change the IP address to the one that we provide you with.

The other available option is to use our Free DNS. You will be able to create the ALIAS record. So, it means that you will be able to add the MX records too. Also, you will need to copy manually the existing records from the account on the CloudFlare’s side in this case.

Please check it on your side and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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