Creating a URL Redirect Record in the DNS panel

Hello everyone. So basically I’m here to ask if it is possible to add a redirect URL record in the Cloudflare DNS panel. I’m using Namecheap for my domain service and it is possible using their Nameservers to do this. So can I do this in Cloudflare aswell?


Also what I mean is that I can redirect a domain to an IPADDRESS with a PORT

Example: → 123.45.678:69 (this would be the webserver running on that port)

Well DNS is just a lookup, not a redirect, and it can only say this hostname is at this IP address. So as such with just DNS you can not say → 123.45.678:69.

However Cloudflare does have ‘page rules’ and you could get your desired result by creating a page rule for ‘’ which says redirect to ‘http://123.45.678:69/$1’. The '’ and ‘$1’ just mean that whatever page is visited on is passed to the IP address call too.

Note that must be being proxied by Cloudflare (that is, set to ‘orange cloud’) for this to work.

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